Send and receive payments with Mint Chipy.

MintChip, from the Royal Canadian Mint, is the evolution of currency.

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The app uses a cloud hosted Mint Chip account to store money. You will need a MintChip account in order to use this application.

Finally, a good use for QR codes

A price code (QR Code) is like a price tag at a store and includes the recipient ID, name, item description and price. You could print price codes and place them on items for customers to purchase at a small store or kiosk.

Mint Chip, the evolution of currency

MintChip uses a secure chip to hold monetary value and a secure protocol to transfer monetary value from one chip to another. MintChips can be stored in many ways: on MicroSD cards, on USB sticks, or remotely in the cloud, with no physical access.

Mobile, simple, secure, easy to use

We’ve created a fast, intuitive, easy to use native iOS app to pay, or request money from your friends and small businesses. All this, built on a platform developed by the Royal Canadian Mint.

How it works

Mint Chipy is an iOS app that allows you to send and receive payments with others on iOS devices.

Sending and receiving money is the core of the application and there are two main buttons that allow you to do this. 

To send and receive money the receiver first types in an amount to create a price code, the sender then scans the image code to collect the contact and payment details.  Once a payment or request is made the contacts will be added to both users devices. After contacts are stored sending and requesting payments are easy and can be done from anywhere.

Payments and requests for payments send notifications to the recipients to prompt them for a quick response.

A transaction history displays all of the payments made and received listed from the most recent.  Each transaction entry displays a description, the price, the contact name, the date and time and is colourd red for debit and green for credit.

A contact list displays all of your contacts where you can add/edit or remove as well as request and send payments.

Your personal settings include a contact name, a passcode, your mintchip id and password.  Your contact name is shared with other users when using price codes (QR code).  Your passcode protects your iOS device from unauthorized use and also validates network communication with the server.  The Mintchip ID and password are provided by the Royal Canadian Mint with your cloud hosted chip account.  To set up your account on your phone you will email a .p12 certificate to your device and open it with the Mint Chipy application. This will configure your settings.